New York City Counseling and Psychotherapy with Diane Spear, LCSW-R
New York City Counseling and Psychotherapy
Hello, I'm Diane Spear. I offer counseling and psychotherapy in New York City.

What makes a good life?
Is it lots of money? Good health? Professional success? A longterm relationship? These can be the components of a miserable life or a satisfying one, because a good life starts from the inside. I don't mean physical health, because I'm sure you know people in peak health who are unhappy.

And you've at least heard of people who are terminally ill and are fully enjoying the time they have left. What makes the difference? An ability to find the joy in everyday life!

What does finding the joy in everyday life mean?
It's not about having to have everything perfect in order to be satisfied. You know, the "I'll-be-happy-when" syndrome: "I'll be happy when I lose ten pounds, or own an apartment, or get a big promotion, or move to San Francisco, or when I'm in a serious relationship, or when my child gets into Yale, or when my partner gets smart and starts doing things my way."

How about now, dealing with the people and situations in your life today? Can you feel good about how you handle yourself, regardless of what the people in your life are doing?

One gauge of a good life is satisfaction in love, work, and play.
You may be in transition and know that you're missing satisfaction in one of those areas. Maybe a major relationship has ended through divorce, death of a loved one, a bad breakup. Or relationships are just hard for you, whether it's a dating relationship, a traditional or nontraditional marriage, or relationships with parents, children, friends, coworkers, or supervisors.

Or the transition in your love life may be a positive one: dating after a breakup, marriage, starting a family.

Work is where you probably spend the majority of your time, so that if there's a transition in your work life, it can affect the other areas of your life--positively, or negatively! I've helped many people with transitions to first jobs after college, work-life balance, leaving staff jobs to freelance, leaving the freelance world for staff jobs, negotiating the corporate ladder, scaling back from fulltime corporate life to start a family. Read more...

And what's the point of working so hard if you can't have fun along the way, and you don't know how to relax at the end? Fun is an attitude, as well as an activity!

Maybe you "look great on paper"—but you're not enjoying your life.
Why aren't you feeling as good as you "should"? Why don't your insides match your outsides? I can help you! This is something we'll explore together through therapy, and this can make a big difference in your enjoyment of your life. 

A variety of untreated issues can interfere with the quality of your life:

    • Anxiety: "Anxiety is a small footprint on the mind. If untreated, it becomes a rut that traps all other thoughts." Read more...

    • Depression: "Depression steals the good feelings from your day-to-day life—and from your memories. You don't have the energy and optimism to plan a better future. Therapy helps you find relief." Read more...

    • Low self-esteem: "Self-esteem is learning to feel good from the inside out, not by comparing yourself to others. I'll help you learn to feel better!" Read more...

    • Substance abuse: "If you deal with the behavior without confronting the underlying issues, you're just switching chairs on a sinking ship. What does the behavior mean?" Read more...

    • Career issues: "Hard work won't guarantee the results you want, but it will improve your chances and you can feel good about yourself, regardless of the results." Read more...

    • New parents' concerns: "Parenting is uncharted territory for everyone. In counseling I'll guide you through with compassion, humor, and skill." Read more...

I'm here to help.
I provide individual, couples, and group counseling and therapy for older adolescents through seniors citizens with a wide range of issues. It's a sign of strength to ask for help, and your call to me is the first step toward the satisfaction and enjoyment you're looking for.

Take a few minutes to read about my psychotherapy practice in the Union Square area of NYC. You'll learn the difference between counseling and psychotherapy (I provide both), why we don't just focus on the present in treatment, and why I emphasize the importance of reality in therapy. Then give me a call or send me an email if you'd like to schedule a counseling session.

Diane Spear, LCSW-R
111 Third Avenue, Suite 17D
New York, New York 10003

Phone: 212 353-0296

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